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Purchase a Gemstone in "Carat" or "Ratti"?

Purchase a Gemstone in "Carat" or "Ratti"?

We normally receive a question from our customer. “What is ratti and and why are gemstones weighed in carat?”. Here you will find an explanation for the same.
"Ratti" came into existence in the absence of precise digital weighing machines, instruments and technology to weight any material.
A ratti is a traditional unit of mass measurement, and has now been standardized as 0.12125 gram. It was measured by the ratti seed. This seed is actually “Abrus Precatorius” seed.
Important notes about Carat, Grams and Ratti (Gram vs Carat vs Ratti):

Conversion from Carat and Ratti to mg
  • 1 Carat = 200 mg
  • 1 Ratti = 121.5 mg (in ayurveda this Rati is used) or
  • 1 Ratti = 182.25 mg
In India buying and selling of gemstones (birthstones)  is done according to Rati weight, but it is advised to buy them according to Carat weight because carat is a standard measurement accepted universally.

Ayurvedic Ratti
  • 1 tola = 11.664 gms
  • 1 tola = 12 masha
  • 1 masha = 8 ratti
  • 1 tola = 12 x 8 ratti
  • 1 ratti = 121.5 mg
  • 1 ratti = 0.6 carat (This is used for stone buying)
Gold Ratti
  • 1 tola = 16 aane
  • 1 aana = 4 ratti
  • 1 ratti = 182.25 mgm
  • 1 ratti = 0.9 carat

Also, its to be noted that all gemstone laboratories across the globe provide certifications with stone weight in carat and not in ratti. Get your astrological gemstones / birthstones in carat weight at Mahavir Gems Shop or call us on +91 9664115110 for a free expert gemmologist consultation.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Birthstone for LIBRA ( Tula)
September 23 - October 22 or Tula is a zodiac sign which is characterized by the symbol of scales. The ruling planet is Venus and the principle element is air. Librans are very charming and pleasant communicators so the birthstone for the, Librans can get many positive influences. So the birthstone for them is Natural Opal. Birthstones have the ability to manipulate the traits to one's favor. By wearing Natural Opal
Natural Opal helps in bringing out some significant positives that helps the people born in Libra Zodiac to lead a better life. It helps to cultivate hope and brings about a positive outlook in the approach towards life.

Since Libra is an airy sign that is related to mind, it basically symbolizes an important turning point in nature that is the autumn equinox. So it is the golden orange fire of its birthstone Natural Opal, which harbors the enormous power to foster motion and break up all forms of crystallization in the physical, ethereal or astral facet of the body.

The gemstone signifies the inevitable trial that the wearer needs to pass. And it is also important to note that here; the balance must be weighed with the deeds of the year. It symbolizes the conquest of the lower separative self along with the unfolding of love that eventually leads to unity.
Natural Opal is the birthstone for the people born in the Libra zodiac. There are few other stones that can positively impact the Librans life, like Agate, Aquamarine, Peridot, Sapphire and Tourmaline. Natural Opal aids in the effective conduction of the positive energies of the ruling planet Venus and making it sympathetic towards the wearer.

The warm orange tint of the Natural Opal stone actually signifies the positive qualities of energy, endurance, vitality and power. It aids the digestive system. The deeper reds of the Natural Opal stone provides energy to the sexual chakra; while the more golden shades renders a strong influence on the solar plexus and digestive organs.

Unique Properties of Natural Natural Opal Opal helps in bringing out some significant positives that helps the people born in the Libra zodiac to lead a better life. It helps to cultivate hope and brings about a positive outlook in the approach towards life.

Natural Opal enhances the innocence that is already there in the people born in the Libra zodiac. It helps to curb the situational deceitfulness and instill a peaceful purity.

Natural Opal helps to deal with the persistent indecisiveness and helps to instill confidence, thereby bringing about happiness, faithfulness and loyalty in the people born in the Libra zodiac.

Healing Properties of Natural Opal

The people born in the Libra zodiac are prone to certain health issues that are in a way inherently associated with the zodiac sign. It can effectively offer protection against -
·        Infections of the eye

·        Problems with vision or eyesight

Natural Opal also enhances or maximizes the healing process that can be related to a host of other diseases.

The gemstone also helps the wearer in developing his intuition which is actually important as the people born in the Libra zodiac is born under the air sign and thereby, constantly on the move. The Natural Opal gemstone helps the wearer in the building up of and development of his inner constitution as he requires it in order to effectively control his emotions and take decisions. This basically helps him in his relationships and also on the professional levels.

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Impact of Natural Opal
The luminous translucence of the Natural Opal symbolizes the fire of sacrifice. It represents a mission of mystical revelation that veers towards illumination. It helps its wearer connect to his higher self in order to reduce and eliminate the separation that exists between the physical self and the soul self.
Zodiac Sign : LIBRA ( TULA)
Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Blue, Green
Day: Friday
Ruler: Venus
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Gemini, Aquarius
Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Aries
Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60

Date range: September 23 - October 22

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Gemology Kits & Instruments

Gemology Kits & Instruments.

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Buy Gemology Kits & Instruments.
Ideal sets for gemologist & Jewellery designers both students & professional. Gemology involves studying the chemical, physical and optical properties that make gems such unique from stone or gravels. Gemstone identification ( Gemology) involves analyzing these properties to differentiate one species of gemstone from another. There are a various gemology tools used to distinguish or measure these properties.

While all this information about gemology tools may seem a bit confusing in the beginning, it’s meant to be a comprehensive list of the tools you may need as you get more involved in the gemology world. All a beginner needs to get started is a good gemology book, a pair of good gemology tweezers, and a 10x loupe. These simple tools will help you a long way in the study of gemstones.

Dichroscope, Hardness Pencils, Polariscope, Ultra Violet Lamps, Gem Tweezer, Diamond Tweezer,  10x Loupe, 20x Loupe, Microscope, Spectroscope, Diamond Gauge, Diamond Sieve, refractometer, diamond colour grading set, Loose Gemstones, Diamond Shape Replica, Diamond Size Replica,  etc..
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Gold, silver may continue to give handsome returns

Gold prices have given multiple break outs on the charts and is technically poised to give handsome returns.

By:  | Published: July 11, 2016 1:08 PM
Gold prices have given multiple break outs on the charts and is technically poised to give handsome returns. It will continue the same performance in second half of 2016 and we may see more funds flowing towards gold which is considered as safe haven for investors.
Gold on monthly chart has breached out of a falling wedge pattern which is considered as a bullish reversal pattern. We are expecting prices to retrace towards technical target of $1,475. On weekly chart a smooth bottom formation is seen in and “almost” inverted head and formation breakout is seen for which neckline comes at $1,341 and a correction there can get prices to levels of $1,341. We look at it as a buying opportunity for investors.
For Aug Series, MCX Gold is bullish and a correction to levels of Rs 31400 – 31200 per 10 gram will be healthy in nature and on charts it will be seen as an opportunity to enter for next round of bullish rally. Gold August has given a break out from consolidation channel, which is technically a bullish flag pattern, for which target comes at previous highs of Rs 35,000 per 10 gram. The correction towards Rs 31,400 per 10 gram will retest the channel and a buying can be seen at those level. Buy on dips strategy with a trend following system can be used in Gold MCX.
Silver in past few trading sessions has given an exponential return beating the yellow metal. MCX Silver September has given a break out from resistance, a downward sloping trendline drawn from highs of Rs 73,600 per kg. The overall break out of downward channel comes at 61.8 per cent which is at Rs 58,400 per kg in a longer term time horizon. In short term, prices may face resistance at 38.2 per cent which is Rs 48,400 per kg and any profit booking may drag prices to support zones of Rs 45,100-45,500 per kg. These levels will act as support in short term and prices may bounce back as the momentum is in primarily bullish momentum. If silver breaches the Rs 48,400 level then next resistance comes at Rs 53,400 which is a 50 per cent fall from previous high.
Fundamentally, we have ongoing economic risk factors such as European banking system and the sovereign debt levels which are at alarming levels and are spillovers of 2008 crisis. These catalysts are in turn leading inflows into precious metals. Also, ongoing concerns over how Brexit effects pan out for European region which is still not measurable in terms of trade and capital outflow. With that we already have US elections set in later part of the year. All these factors provide ample uncertainty for investors and funds pulling out money and investing in safe haven assets. We are going to see continuous rise in inflow in precious metals that can be commodity, ETF or related stocks.
The world’s Largest gold backed ETF, SPDR Gold Trust ETF , is at 130+ and has breached two years high. The holdings in trust has seen a rise and is at 982.44 tonnes while Ishares Silver trust which represents the industrial metal has seen higher gains compared to gold with returns of over 30 per cent. In coming season we are expecting to see increase in demand as well.
(The author is CEO, Epic Research)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ganesha in Natural Red Coral 2.24 Carat

Ganesha in Natural Red Coral 2.24 Carat

Product Code: CGCR14_02_24 Availability: 1 INR. 2,461.00 Approx USD $ 36.99 Avail free shipping within India. Beautiful Lord Ganesha idol is hand-carved and is made of polished Natural Red Coral 2.24 Carats / 2.46 Ratti . It shows Ganesha, the elephant god, who is honoured for his wisdom by both the Hindus and the Buddhists. Ganesha is a magical figure and reflects the wisdom that is attributed to the elephant, the earthiness and serenity that are expressed through his fat belly and the agility that is expressed in his dance, a dance with which he keeps the earth moving. The god with the elephant head removes obstacles and is the patron saint of travellers. Hindus pray to Ganesha before they begin something new, such as a new job or moving. For any difficulty in ordering contact MAHAVIR GEMS +919664115110


Monday, March 21, 2016

Exceptional Pearls: A Good Business Strategy

Unique, Top Quality Pearls Sell Despite the Economy

London Pearls 17 mm to 20 mm South Sea cultured pearl strand.
London Pearls 17 mm to 20 mm South Sea cultured pearl strand.

Pearls have it all – tradition, selection, uniqueness, beauty, versatility, and rarity coupled with profit margin, turn, and distinction for your market. Leading pearl suppliers at Baselworld describe pearls as the most accessible gem in that they offer great value for the investment, as top quality always sells.
Trends in pearls today are for the unique, different and exceptional, cites Daniel Vecht, London Pearl, which has moved this year from Hall 3 to Hall 2 (2.2, A51). “Customers who have money and want to spend it are looking for items that stand out. Who wants to walk into a dinner party having spent 100,000 U.S. dollars on a pearl strand or jewellery only to find someone else with a similar piece”.
According to Vecht, the demand for unique items is very strong, while sales for mid market basic white necklaces have been slow. “There is currently a massive shortage in larger white necklaces. There is almost no production of really big sizes. Necklaces with 19 mm or 20 mm centre pearls are very scarce on the supply side. When we have one it sells almost immediately,” he says, citing a multi-colour necklace he had with a 19 mm centre that sold within 48 hours. “I expect this trend to continue.”

Investing in the exceptional is a good business strategy to weather the economic crisis, hails Pinella Autore, Australia Pearls (3.1, D41). “We’ve always had the tendency to go for the different and extraordinary, but we made the decision to focus our efforts entirely on exceptional pieces – top qualities, large strands, unusual material – even during a crisis period when many backed off from buying. We feel our choice was the right one. We are quite optimistic. Business for us has been very good.”
If you consider what you would spend on a fine, top quality gemstone, Autore believes customers get the best bang for the buck with exceptional pearls. “They give great value for the investment.”
Alain Boite (3.1, D25) concurs and reports strong business at Baselword for these pieces, with top quality white classic round South Sea strands and large pairs for earrings among his bestsellers. Boite also is featuring some amazing cultured pearls, including fine, large nucleated freshwater pearls from China in luscious natural colours like grape and peach; golden cultured pearls from a new production in Indonesia that are heart-shaped (great for earrings, pendants and rings), mixed colour strands in South Sea and Chinese freshwater pearls, and some spectacular large Baroque pearls, and an impressive pair of Australian white pearls at 22 mm and 27 mm in size. Vecht notes great interest this year in a collection of really fine natural colour green Tahitian pearls he has at the show, as well as some outstanding 19 mm loose Tahitian pearls.

Of course, Boite says that finding the best-of-the-best is no easy task, noting that some of his magnificent strands took a year or more to put together. With that said, Autore cites the second challenge is educating consumers, as well as those in the trade how these exceptional pieces come to market.
“People don’t realise how difficult it is to find and put together something exceptional in pearls,” Autore says. “Lack of knowledge and misinformation is a problem. We partner with our customers to help them relate this information and present pearls in the most effective way. For our good customers, we do bespoke services to make it easy for them to buy and sell pearls.”
For Autore, the pearl origin doesn’t matter much, it’s all about the lustre and quality. From big golden and white pearls to new production of Chinese nucleated pearls in amazing natural colours, “we look for pearls that speak to us.”

Colour of the Year 2016

Fresh summer breeze Pantone announces that two colours will share the title “Colour of the Year 2016” Sutra Jewels / Diamond and amethyst feather earrings It has never happened before: for 2016, the internationally acclaimed Pantone Color Institute has named two colours “Colour of the Year”. With the warm pink hue “Rose Quartz” and the cooler sky-blue “Serenity”, two pastel shades are blended into a single flowing colour gradient, a gentle, harmonious counterpoint to the stresses of everyday life. In this combination, both nuances act like a fresh summer breeze, spreading the power of tranquillity. But the colours are far from appearing naive or even twee. Instead, the pastel duo has a timeless effect in both fashion and jewellery, highlighting the beauty of women of all ages. Jewellery designers have been inspired by the two Pantone colours to rediscover coloured stones such as amethyst or blue chalcedony. Aquamarine, pink sapphire, opal, morganite and pink-coloured freshwater pearls have a strong radiant energy that has a particularly flattering effect in combination with pink or yellow gold.